Lanarkshire and Lothian Soaring Club

Paraglider over Tinto South

This page is to help visiting pilots to the LLSC sites.

UK BHPA Pilots

If you're a member of another Scottish club (and thus within the SHPF), we look forward to seeing you on our hills. Please respect our sites, as you would your own, and check the sites guide for details.

If you're a member of a BHPA affiliated club elsewhere in the UK, then you're welcome to fly our sites. You'll find there are almost NO top drivable hills in Scotland, so prepare yourself for some big walk-ups. Scottish access rights to land are different to the rest of the UK, and, like most other clubs, we do have sensitive sites. So, please refer to the sites guide, especially for Fairlie and the Campsies. If in doubt, please contact a club officer.

UK non-BHPA Pilots and Pilots From The Rest Of The World

We're very welcoming of all pilots, but we strongly urge you to join the BHPA so that you are covered for Third Party insurance on our sites and the rest of the UK too. If you have an IPPI Safe Pro Stage 2 or above, then joining the BHPA should be straight forward. You should be familiar with UK air law as it applies to flying hang gliders and paragliders. Also, you will need a licence to operate a radio in the air - the 2m / 143-144MHz band is not licensed for use in the air.

Please also read (English only) this document and also this page.